“Not only has she help me grow from a place of complete and utter floundering regarding what I want to do with my life, but she has been one of my loudest and steadfast cheerleaders for the tough challenges that I have had to confront. She has provided me with a framework for thinking through tough problems, and has tirelessly offered amazing resources, contacts, and suggestions to further move me in the direction that I was meant to find myself. For her time, energy, and her presence of mind and calm, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being my sounding board, my “thinker-througher” and confidant as I have gone through one of the toughest journeys of my life, Marie.” -Ariel S.

I can’t thank you enough for the coaching sessions we had. While I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about the road in front of me and where I was going, you helped bring light to some options that I hadn’t previously considered. You were a constant reinforcement and momentum that created movement in my life when I was too tired or unmotivated to move. The homework assignments you gave were always thought-provoking and challenging, but most importantly, you were always accepting of where I was without judgment or frustration.
After every conversation with you, I had new ideas and inspirations. I really appreciated the way you approached challenging me and my preconceived limitations, which, after talking with you, weren’t so limiting after all. Having your support during a time in my life where I was a little bit lost and making some minor decisions in a major way was so helpful to me. I can easily recommend your services and experience to others who would benefit from some guidance, gentle nudging, and unconditional acceptance through your life coaching skills. I have no doubt that the recent success I’ve had in my own business was generated in part from our conversations and coaching sessions, and wouldn’t hesitate to involve you again if the need arises.”

-Martha, LMHC

“5 stars. Marie’s coaching came at a great time for me…in between jobs. I had too much time on my hands and wasn’t being very productive.  Since I have a coaching background, I was somewhat reluctant to hire a coach. I found myself surprised and delighted at Marie’s poignant questions regarding not only my job search, but also some other life dilemmas I was facing. Marie has a depth of character and experience that came through in our sessions. She provided gentle yet powerful encouragement and guidance. She made me feel better about myself by providing insightful and compassionate support.

Marie helped me on many different levels of my life that I didn’t expect. With her positive coaching assistance, I not only landed a job, I was able to explore some other creative aspects about myself that I hadn’t anticipated delving into. I found myself really looking forward to our coaching session each week, knowing afterwards I would feel great, and have a better sense of direction and purpose. In my opinion, she is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with.”


“Marie is a powerful coach with the experience and skill to help you reach your goals. I find her easy to talk to, full of ideas and information, and most importantly, I feel inspired at the end of each conversation with Marie!”

- Andrea Cohen, Certified Food Psychology Coach, Full Circle Food Coaching


I loved what was presented tonight! It seems like a very helpful and astute system for time/self-management and I can’t wait to implement the suggested next action list. You were such an impressive facilitator and guide – thank you for making this so easily and thoughtfully available.”

-Megan (movement teacher)

“I signed up for Marie’s Time Management Tele-workshop knowing that I can work more efficiently. Marie is as welcoming as she is knowledgeable, offering sensible and practical advice that I’m hopeful will really make a difference in my future work and peace of mind.  Marie learned something about all of her listeners, and offered every opportunity for us to share concerns and offer good practices of our own.  I am happy to recommend her.”

-Lee Chabin

“The concept of prioritizing tasks in my daily calendar around the bigger vision for my career and being told just how to do that in Marie’s Time Management tele-workshop has been a sensible, powerful, and easily do-able series of actions for combatting that sense of time lost and non-accomplishment.  I am glad I participated .
I learned quite a bit about myself, what I already know, and what I still need to do to achieve my business goals.”

-Bobbi Thompson

“Marie has a very calm and welcoming presence. I felt comfortable stating my values and how I felt.” Mary S

“Presentation was confident, well prepared, manage time well. I appreciated material to take home.” – Mary Neilson (regarding Life Balance Workshop)

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